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PBwiki is the world's largest provider of hosted business and educational wikis. We host over 400,000 wikis, serve millions of users per month, and 96% of our business users would recommend PBwiki to a friend.

Leading companies from AT&T to Wal-Mart, including 1/3 of the Fortune 500, choose PBwiki to help them with knowledge management, collaboration, project management, and a host of other business processes and workflows.

The first version of PBwiki was written by Stanford Computer Science graduate David Weekly (then 26 years old) at a SuperHappyDevHouse programming event, between 1am and 8am on May 30th, 2005, based on Andreas Zwinkau's TipiWiki2. The site went from concept to production-available service in seven hours. The design of the website was, out of necessity as much as anything, as simple as could possibly work and still be useful for people who wanted a private collaboration environment. Within 48 hours of launching, PBwiki was adopted by over a thousand groups as news of the service spread on blogs like LifeHacker and BoingBoing.

David quickly brought on board his friend Ramit Sethi to help with marketing, designing, and supportting the fledgeling wiki host, and then a few months later his best friend Nathan Schmidt to act as CTO. PBwiki sourced a $350k Series A round of financing from Seraph Group in September 2006 and in February 2007 closed a $2.1m Series B from Mohr Davidow Ventures.