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Party Play
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
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Company description

Jukebox evolution. One shared the playlist. Limitless possibilities. Party Play solves the problem of listening to music by a group of people that are using different streaming services and smartphones. With Party Play, people can create a playlist on a device connected to the loudspeaker and add music to this playlist from other devices using all kind of streaming services or downloaded music. It is not necessary to have any streaming subscriptions to receive music from connected devices to shared playlist. Party Play is an ancestor cross-platform app for a collaborative playlist with various streaming services. App has unique patented playlist mechanics. We are oriented to B2C with the freemium business model. The startup was founded in January of 2017 in Spain, Canary Islands and it belongs to ZEC (Special Tax Zone Reduction of Canary Islands)

  • Arkadii Oganian
    Arkadii Oganian | Founder
    I am idea-driven, positive person. I have a desire to invent and create new useful things. I believe that we can change the world to a better place, but we should begin with ourselves and do our best to improve the world around us.
  • Pilar Molina
    Pilar Molina | Team member
  • Aaron Asencio
    Aaron Asencio | Team member
  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva | Team member
Awards and Mentions
  • 34507_4828
    After being selected to participate in Tenerife Invierte, a vital Startup program for technological companies in Spain, Party Play obtained a place to fight against the other finalist companies of the program in a Fight Club. Party Play’s team defended its project in front of important investors, CEOs, and incubators from different parts of Europe, who, as part of the jury, decided to award the 3rd prize to Party Play for the innovation of its mobile App in the world of new technologies and music.