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Company description is focused EXCLUSIVELY on domain name monetization. Founded by the owners of, is built upon our experience of parking domain names since 1999.
Using our proprietary Domain Magic technology we optimize landing and search result pages on each domain name to provide the surfer with the results they want to click on. By combining Domain Magic with our ever expanding selection of customizable templates we achieve unparalleled returns to our partners. is excited to offer payout rates so high that they upset our competitors. If you are only looking for the highest payouts possible, then read no further, is the program for you. We are committed to your success.

Well our level of commitment to the success of our customers borders on the absurd. Let's hearken back to August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Right in the middle of Katrina stood one provider with a mission to keep customers online and functional in the wake of an epic disaster that wiped out everything surrounding one functioning business in downtown New Orleans. During the peak of gloom and doom we kept our facility online. The 82nd Airborne actually broke into our facility to see why it was the only building other than the Bell South building with power. (For some press on our Katrina experience see: We survived this unprecedented, grueling experience and we managed to keep customers online during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Our commitment to your domain names will be no less than our commitment shown during Hurricane Katrina.

Still think that we can't handle your domain name portfolio in an exceptional manner? Well we are not just absurdly committed, but, we are also very successful. A few of our successes:
In September 2000, PC Data Online ranked as one of the top 300 Web sites on the Internet.

In the 23rd annual Inc. 500 rankings, Intercosmos (our company that owns directNIC) was named the 68th fastest growing private company in the United States, having grown more than 5,000 percent in five years.

Intercosmos was named the 2nd fastest growing inner city company in America by Inc. Magazine in the 2005 Inner City 100 list.

In 2004, Intercosmos was ranked number 50 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list of the fastest growing technology companies in North America.
We also own and operate a 6800 square foot data center with hundreds of servers, a 750 kw generator, 120 tons of air conditioning and gigabits of bandwidth.