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Parihug is a retail company aiming to sell pairable teddy bears that allow loved ones to hug each other from anywhere in the world. Parihug is located in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, but plans to provide its products across the country. These products, and Parihug itself, will be successful by the novelty and innovation of its capabilities, especially in a market populated by countless communication methods that rely solely on audio or visual contact, forsaking entirely the tactility so essential to human relationships. With the first Parihug product, two people can be on different sides of the world, each with their own bear. When one is hugged, a suite of soft, fabric-based sensors detects the hug and transmits a message to the other bear. The receiving bear then hugs its owner with a gentle vibration – haptic telepresence. The bears allow loved ones to connect with each other when they physically cannot be together, and bring the human touch back into technological connection.