Tap. Pay. Go. Split your restaurant bill without the awkwardness.
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Company description


taking out the awkwardness of paying the restaurant bill and the waiting for the wait staff. 


The pain points for diners are:

  • Finding a waiter
  • Waiting for the bill to arrive
  • Paying for individual dishes in a large group
  • Working out the equal split between friends  
  • Using vouchers & loyalty cards


The solution? 


Allow consumers to pay HOW and WHEN they want!



How does it work?

The PandaPay app links to both the location (say “Mexicano, Main Square") and their bill to the table number


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Then PandaPay will links with the ePos to fetch the table's bill and strikes out what has already been paid for


Screen 5 maybe


Tap what you've paid from the bill


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Spilt what you've shared.


Screen 5 maybe


Pay via your prefered method


Screen 5 maybe


All confirmed so you can go and enjoy the rest of your day.


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The Benefits to the diner

  • 4 click payment 
  • Electronic receipts 
  • Usage of loyalty cards/vouchers 
  • Personalised offers
  • Check your bill during your meal 

What PandaPay can do?

  • Split bills Pay for only certain items or amounts 
  • Allowing the diner to be in control
  • Easy access to other affiliates such as: Yelp, Uber, YPlan, etc

For the Restaurant 

  • Empowering wait staff to do what they enjoy:       
  • * taking orders         * engaging with customers
  • Turning the table faster, thus increasing their revenue



The Technology Solution

  • Plugs directly into the ePos system of the restaurant allowing PandaPay to allow a tokenised CNP payment solution
  • Notifications to staff when a table begins and completes a payment

Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • In-restaurant PandaPay assistant
  • Information on the table about PandaPay
  • Collaboration with other apps & companies 
  • Promotion and branding of the Panda of PandaPay



Awards and Mentions
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    Lean Startup Machine is an intensive three-day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products. The event culminates with each team pitching its new solutions and its experience using the process.
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    PandaPay was accepted on the EMMINVEST programme EMMINVEST is a strategic alliance initiative bringing together policy makers and industry representative at European level with the aim of developing more sustainable solutions in the field of mobility supported by mobile services, through better use of current and planned initiatives and enhancing transnational cooperation in this field. Co-funded by the European Commission and supported by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competiveness of European enterprises.
  • Business model

    We will be using a 20p per transaction reveunue model approach. 

    If a person pays for the entire bill, PandaPay will make 20p for the transaction. And, if on a table of 12, everyone pays for their individual items or splits the bill equally, PandaPay will make £2.40. 

    This model is extremely internationally scalable and repeatable. 


    Competitive advantage

    Even though there are numerous larger players entering this market, PandaPay will be positioned as a branding company rather than a technology company. 

    Futhermore, our unique customer journey approach and that there is no company that currently has any brand recognition, loyality or within more than 10 restaurants, it will allow us to make strong stragetic customer growth. 

    We also have an awesome & passionate team with great corporate partners  


    Questions & Answers 

    How many restaurants have signed up? 

    We are currently in negotiations with numerous restaurants and have run trials at:

    • BrewDog
    • Zedel 
    • Babylon - The Roof Gardens


    What will happen in case restaurant hasn't got a Wifi access?

    We offer free WiFi as part of our service to the restaurant; though current mobile networks can easily handle the amount of data that needs to be downloaded.


    While settling can users enter any table number and view someone else's order and/or payments?

    In most cases restaurants will opt to have a unique code associated with the table number, securing the information, but we have three options available to restaurants

     1. The code will be on the table in the form of a brand matched table number block 

    2. The customer will use mobile geo-location location matching and an existing table number 

    3. The wait staff provide the diners with a paper card that has the unique number associated to the table 

    In discussions with restaurants, we’ve found the first option to be the most popular.


    Where is the Credit Card information stored?

    Specific Credit Card details are not stored by PandaPay. For the first transaction the card details are sent straight to the payment gateway from the PandaPay app. PandaPay’s central database then receives an identifying token. For future transactions the diner will only have to enter their Card Security Code number each time they use PandaPay.


    Does everyone at the table need to use PandPay?
    No, those that want to pay by PandaPay do so by using their phone or tablet. The items that they have been paid, will be taken off the final bill, so when the wait staff brings the bill, it will only display what is left to be paid. 
    Too easy!


    What kind of people will tend to use this?

    We have identify 4 main target groups:

    Business Professionals

    Consumers that go to lunch and/or dinners representing a company (either their own or as an employee).

    - They only have an 1 hour (or less) lunch break, so paying and leaving is important

    - Keeping receipts is great for their Human Resource department and their accountants for expenses. This allows further transparency as the consumer receives an electronic receipts of exactly what they had, when and where (as currently, all ordered items are placed onto one bill and therefore no clarity).

    - Quite often Business Professionals need to leave before the bill has comes to their table, so with PandaPay they can pay their share without having to guess

    Event goers (theatre, ballet, sporting events, etc)

    - Time is important to Event Goers as they need to rush off for a time sensitive events

    - Awkwardness often occurs with Event Goers as they’re with a big group of friends that have  different disposal incomes, restaurant expectations and eating & drinking habits

    - Some Event Goers will be able to claim their restaurant bill back for business

    Special Occasion doers (Stag & Hen nights, birthday parties, etc)

    - With so many people, it’s hard to know who had what, and Special Occasion doers will usually not go out to dinner with the same group of friends therefore ensure that they only pay for what they’ve had is extremely important

    - Due to the large number of people at the table, the bill can be extraordinarily large which quite often results in a deficit without any clarity on who’s paid what

    Couples on a date

    - Paying and leaving as soon as possible can be important for couples on dates

    - Discreetly paying for your date without them ever knowing the bill or evening needing to know the final amount is advantageous 


    Are there partners you can work with to get you into more restaurants?


    Yelp - they have already introduced us to some of their favourite restaurants and will be promote PandaPay at launch through their network

    American Express - a very strategic relationship as their main problem is having restaurants accepting their Cards. When American Express Card Members use PandaPay, is doesn't matter if the restaurant accepts American Express, as PandaPay does and therefore the payment can take place. 

    TableCrowd - have already introduced us to some key restaurants and we will be setting up joint trials. 


    How are you going to make money? Are you charging restaurants or consumers? 

    We will be initially charging restaurants 20 pence per mobile transactions. 

    So if one person at the table pays for everyone, then PandaPay will charge 20 pence. If 10 people at the table use PandaPay, then PandaPay will charge the restaurant £2.00.