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Company description

Pagaille Mobile is a Montréal, Canada-based start-up that designs and markets smart mobile gateway solutions to Telco Operators, Service Providers and Fortune 500 Companies. Our solution strategy includes integrating third-party mobile VAS offerings that benefit from our smart platform.

Our initial offering, Obvio, is a smart mobile telephony gateway that features context sensitive call routing, social network integration, return call scheduling and mobile data back-up and recovery.

Obvio Market Update (November 2010)


  • Initial technology validation and deployment go-live scheduled in January 2011 at an Operator (approx. 3M mobile subscribers) in an emergent economy country. The Operator is part of a global European based group that boost + 33M mobile subscribers in 17 other emergent countries.

3rd Party VAS

  • Exclusive reseller for a leading Canadian Blackberry Utilities & Tools VAS covering 35+ emergent economies totalling 500M mobile subscribers.

Business model
  1. Market opportunity valued at USD7b/year
  2. Target users are Mobile professionals, such as executives, consultants, and salespersons. Mobile professionals are away from their primary work location over 25% of the time, and are most likely to experience a high volume of voice calls. IDC estimate global population of mobile professionales at + 120M
  3. Revenue Model: Revenue sharing with Operators and /or Service Providers as per our initial customer contract (deployment in Q1 2011).
  4. Sales channels: Operators and Service Providers. Obvio enables Operators to partake into the mobile value chain vs. being limited to piping data only. Obvio provides Operators with a robust and scalable  'trusted partner' platform expandable to host other 3rd party mobile VAS offering.
Competitive advantage
  1. Unique mobile productivity features not available to mobile users with existing mobile apps or basic operator offering
  2. Fully scalable mobile device and O/S agnostic platform
  3. Obvio is portable to any PBX or VOIP private or public network