Convert Photoshop and GIMP Designs to Dynamic Websites in Minutes
Atherton, California, United States United States
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Company description

P2C cuts web development from days down to minutes. It is a next evolution of automated cloud-based platform that targets the web developer community that dramatically increases productivity and shortens development time; Cut web coding from days to minutes! 

By simply naming the Layers in their Adobe Photoshop or GIMP design the P2C engine converts the design into a W3C compliant dynamic website. Web designers and developers can focus on their creative creations automatically converting their designs, cutting the development time by 90% increasing productivity and ROI. It can be further customize easily on their own with the fully documented source code or use one of our +40 features to add multimedia, social networking linking to name a few. Websites can be stand-alone developments or integrated with the most popular CMS platforms Wordpress, Drupal amd Joomla.



Business model

2 Week Free Trial

Free Basic Features - allows the most basic features and unlimited conversions

Monthly Subscription Base For 'Unlimited Users' - allows full access to all features and unlimited conversions

Competitive advantage

P2C patent pending technology is the only solution that has a robust feature set to allow users to develop websites on the platform of their choice. Whether you want to develop a stand alone site or one that is based on a CMS (Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla). The SaaS platform allows the team to quickly add and keep tight QA on the code.