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Company description

OSSimTech Inc is a Montreal based MedTech company, specializing in the design, research & development of virtual reality (VR) based open surgery training simulators for medical students, residents and institutions. 

Founded in 2013 by two ambitious and experienced engineers, OSSimTech now leads the path in high fidelity simulation. Our products are the first simulators, commercially available, to offer haptic feedback in orthopedics surgery training simulation.

OSSimTech puts a special emphasis on collaborating with all the healthcare stakeholders to develop high quality products. Our 3D artists attend live surgeries to develop realistic environments, engineers develop procedures in partnership with orthopedic surgeons and performance metrics are reviewed by our medical community of experts. In addition, OSSimTech is supported by several institutions, universities who bring their expertise and experience to our expertise.

The technology platform of OSSimTech has been developed to provide practical training that mimics the real open surgical environment. To do this, using dedicated software, it provides sensory feedback on visual, audio and touch levels depending on the selected surgical procedure. OSSimTech simulators combine in one device the visual display of surgical sites and the use of haptic force feedback actuators that can be mounted on instruments for open surgery (screwdrivers, rongeurs, drills, saws, etc.). This results in a unique and innovative training solution: the Sim-Ortho™simulator.











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Business model

OSSimTech's business model is comprised of two major markets: medical training centers and manufacturers of surgical devices. The Sim-Ortho VR training simulator is sold worldwide directly or through a network of distributors to established training centers in surgery and simulation. The Sim-Ortho simulator is purchased and integrated in teaching curriculum to train the next generation of orthopedic surgeons. Additionally, we also customize our platform to the clinical training and medical education needs of the world's largest surgical device company. Our innovative platform is the perfect tool to train residents, surgeons and medical sales representatives. Currently these two markets equally represent OSSimTech's stream of revenues.

Competitive advantage

As the creators of a groundbreaking, new technology — the first of its kind in the niche market of orthopaedic surgery, we consider ourselves innovators in the field. OSSimTech's unique competitive advantage lies in its proprietary high-fidelity platform to simulate open surgery, a world premier in surgical training.

In addition to creating a highly realistic 3D environment in virtual reality, OSSimTech is the only company that integrates tactile feedback directly into its open surgery simulation, allowing for optimal effectiveness and user improvement. Our team is working diligently, through Haptics and VR technologies, to create profound and lasting changes in the field of medical training. More specifically, the unique design of our simulators serves to facilitate standardized and quality-assured training and further ameliorate the process and practice of open surgeries.

OSSimTech has created a simulator that has an unmatched level of high fidelity level of realism which simulates physics-based interactions between surgical tools and soft and hard tissues that could be visually and haptically rendered in real-time. The proprietary platform was developed using advanced GPU-based real-time computations and gaming engines for visual effects. Moreover the ergonomic hardware platform combines state-of-art haptics, high-performance computer and realistic mock-up surgical tools. 

We believe that virtual reality simulators lacking a “touch” feature would have a limited impact on medical education and the refinement of surgical capabilities. In contrast, our project integrates the three basic skills required for real surgeries — visual, audio, and touch feedback — in order to completely revolutionize the ways in which surgeries are taught and learned. For this reason, we have developed our own ambitious haptic systems with an unprecedented level of precision, accuracy, force, and performance calibration. This haptic feedback technology, which replicates the applied force and resistance that surgeons feel when they manipulate tools to cut through bones and tissues, heightens the realism of the immersion experience. Our systems have not only surpassed technologies in the current industry, but have set a new precedent for the future of medical training. 

OSSimTech prioritizes teamwork and collaboration with all members involved in the healthcare sector, which has allowed us to develop such high quality products. Our community of medical and academic experts from worldwide prestigious institutions across the US, UK and Canada such as McGill adds a variety of expertise and experience to the company's expertise. For instance, our 3D artists attend live surgeries to develop realistic environments, while our engineers develop procedures in partnership with renown orthopaedic surgeons, and various researchers review the system's performance metrics. all these valuable partnerships are sucessfully helping us move one step closer toward the goal of normalizing VR in surgical education.