Location: Oridian 3 Sapir Street POB 12627 , Herzliya, Israel Israel
Founded in: 1998
Stage: Napkin (idea)
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Herzliya, Israel Israel
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Oridian is a leading online advertising company, dedicated to taking both advertisers and publishers to new heights. With over 9 billion monthly impressions, a massive worldwide inventory and access to tens of millions of users on various continents, Oridian enables Advertisers to implement highly effective network-wide branding as well as direct response campaigns, and Publishers to monetize traffic from all over the world.

Oridian is a privately-owned top 10 network, with access to over 80 million monthly users worldwide, out of which 27 million are in America and over 30 million in Europe alone; offices are located in North America, Latin America, Israel, Argentina, Germany and the UK, with additional representatives in Australia, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece and France. Oridian continues expanding its reach to every corner of the world.

Oridian’s global online media solutions incorporate advanced results-driven technologies, alongside comprehensive management, enabling the company to continuously surpass expectations, generating higher returns, as well as creating a genuine and lasting value for hundreds of satisfied partners worldwide.