Grado Zero Espace Srl

Grado Zero Espace Srl
Specialized Services for Innovation of manufactured products
Montelupo, Italy Italy
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Company description

Grado Zero Espace Ltd is an SME specialized in transferring technological material/know-how. We can realize special products prototypes and limited edition on commision, usually in use in fields where the performance is a key factor from the research sphere to the industry domain: the space industry or the personal and environmental protection systems or other technical sectors of daily use, such as the building and medical industry - to name a few. In addition, GZE suggests new, innovative assembling processes to enhance the performances of the materials. In short, the company acts as ago - between among many industrial branches and research fields - such as universities, test labs, the European Space Agency Ttp, single researchers and inventors - where different know-how coexist and where new solutions for the employment of materials and applied technologies are defined. Consequently, planning services, consulting, prototyping, engineering, project and process definitions are all activities supplied by our company. It is a flexible and dynamic organizational structure able to provide its clients with product prototypes destined to markets of high technological content and to supporting these products with adequate communication plans to hit the appointed targets. Grado Zero Espace is mentioned in "Adi Index" design publication.


Business model

The mission of the company is to develop and commercialize new materials and technologies for industry transfer to create new products with the aim to improve quality of life, work and environment. The company acts as a go-between among many industrial branches and research fields, in particoular: nanotubes, fibers, fabrics, composite textile structures, extreme sport equipments and safe equipments, new performing materials and technologies for furnishing / automotive / nautical / medical areas.

Competitive advantage

- Innovation,Tech Products Development and Commercialization

- Technology transfer in a horizontal differentiated product market

- Sport/safe equipments:design/prototipations/small production

- Prototipation special fabrics and composites

- Nanotubes reselling for product applications

- Consulting Engineering Services 

- Industrial Design Consultants

- Laboratory Tests-Chemical Consulting Service

- Wearable sensoring integration/medical devices

- RTD/SME-EU projects