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Orglex helps industry professionals get relevant content about their industry or organization. Orglex monitors thousands of news sources, blogs, trade publications, job sites, people directories and aggregates relevant content for each industry and organization.


Orglex's technology organizes the content from all these sources into its relevant industry or organization. The technology takes into account the context of the content, the importance of the source, if it has been published elsewhere and many more industry and organization specific variables.


Orglex currently supports many including popular industries such as Investment Banks, Pharmaceuticals,  and specific industries such as Venture Capital, Clinical Trials and VoIP. Organizations include publicly listed organizations (E.g. Goldman Sachs), business units within larger organizations (e.g. NBC within GE) and private organizations (e.g. PwC).


The content is delivered to industry and organization hubs and industry professionals can sign up to this hub to get daily emails with the relevant updates or come straight to any of the hub pages to get the relevant information. Each of these hubs has the various content sections such as News, Blogs, Jobs, People and Leaderboard. Orglex plans to add more types of content for each of these hubs in the near future. 

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