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A Physician-Guided Search Service for Health

Our goal is provide the best search service in the world for health by hand-crafting search results that physicians and consumers will recommend to their family and friends.

It shouldn't be a time-consuming process to quickly find links to the very best resources when searching for health information. So, we are solving this problem by adding the wisdom of trained expert search guides and physician reviewers to the power of algorithmic-only search tools and social bookmarking sites. This human-powered model helps us deliver far superior health search results by eliminating search index spam from low-quality websites, links to duplicative libraries of licensed health content or potentially dangerous web sites.

We have a lot of work to do but with your help, we'll change what people expect from their health searches. Please let us know what you think by sending us an email to feedback <at>

Our Services

Our service is designed to help you manage your health and find the answers to your questions:

1) WisdomCards™ - Search our library of thousands of hand-crafted search results pages on the most popular health topics. Find WisdomCards on diseases, conditions, treatments, drugs, health products, doctors, hospitals, and even health companies. Each WisdomCard is created and managed by one of our experts.

2) RequestWisdom™ - Didn't find what you were looking for? We offer a FREE service and one of our expert Health Guides will do the searching for you and create a WisdomCard on any health topic you request. This can be useful if you want a WisdomCard on your personal doctor, local hospital, or a rare condition we haven't covered yet.

3) LiveWisdom™ - Connect LIVE via chat with board certified doctors, health professionals, and health advocates for only $1.99 per minute. We believe that asking doctors questions should be easy, affordable, and accessible to all. The service, still in pilot beta, is private and anonymous and does not replace a doctor visit.

4) Tabbed Health Search - For the first time, people can search all of the major health search engines from one place. If we don’t have a WisdomCard created yet for your search term, you get related WisdomCards and a tabbed search interface to make it easy for you to quickly search Google, WebMD, Healthline, HealthVault, Healia, Right Health, and PubMed with the simple click of a button. This is a major leap forward in health search and will help people save a great deal of time when searching for health information.

About OrganizedWisdom® Health

OrganizedWisdom® Health is the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health. The site at provides hand-crafted search result pages called WisdomCards™, for the most popular health search terms and phrases without the clutter, redundant links or index spam typically found in search engines. OrganizedWisdom helped ignite the Health 2.0 revolution with several “firsts” including the first company to assemble a team of health guides and physicians to organize the world’s best health wisdom from across the Web. Today, OrganizedWisdom continues to bring innovation to online health care by leveraging social media and the power of collaboration technologies to improve the quality of health search. OrganizedWisdom is based in New York City and was founded in 2006 by serial entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, who have worked together building companies since 1997.

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