Location: Cairo, Egypt Egypt
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Cairo, Egypt Egypt
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With a simple application over which the customers can place and pay for their orders all the problems have been solved. Ordera is a mobile application through which users scan a QrCode placed on the merchant's table to view the menu, pick the items they would like to order and add their comments/special requests, the order is then sent to the waiter's smart device to check the order availability and once confirmed, all the waiter has to do is to prepare and deliver the order to the customer and after the customer enjoys his meal he can just leave immediately and pay through his smart phone by just 1 tap. This way, the cashless experience serves first the merchant, by reducing the theft probability from the waiter, and the user by solving the wallet carrying burden. It also helps the merchant efficiently manage his resources since the waiter tasks are reduced from 6 tasks to only one (delivering the order to the customer) while providing the merchant with enough data about the customer's taste, behavior and rating. The users can also enjoy their time more by reducing the time interacting with the waiters and avoiding the cash splitting hassle at the end of each outing since with Ordera, each one on the table can place and pay for his own order.