Orange Legal Technologies
Location: 251 South Floral Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 31-50
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Orange Legal Technologies

Orange Legal Technologies - Good for you. Great for your clients.
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States United States
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Company description
Orange Legal Technologies delivers one source litigation, audit, and investigation support services with a focus on the electronic discovery tasks of analytics, processing, and review. Our OneO® Discovery Platform, provides law firm and corporate legal professionals with an integrated, web-accessible, forensically sound electronic discovery platform that enables online analytics, processing, and review of data from the security of a hosted centralized repository. The OneO® Discovery Platform can quantifiably save users 1/2 the time, 1/2 the cost, while lowering the risks associated with traditional electronic discovery approaches.
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Business model

Delivered under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, legal professionals can leverage the analytics, processing, and review capability of Orange Legal Technologies’ OneO® Discovery Platform without having to make incremental investments for hardware, software, or support personnel.

While the SaaS model is becoming more prevalent in the electronic discovery arena, currently there are few providers that provide integrated analytics, processing, and review delivered via SaaS. This service delivery model, differing from software licensing, managed service, and software/hardware appliance models, provides investment protection and sustainability for OneO® users by allowing service enhancements and support without requiring on premise upgrades and maintenance.  

When considering the types delivery models of available to service providers – the recent results of an InformationWeek sponsored study of 374 business technology professionals provided a snapshot of the challenges associated with non-SaaS delivery models. When asked “What are the biggest challenges associated with on-premise business applications? (Hardware and/or Software Solutions Residing inside the Corporate Firewall)”, respondents shared the following thoughts: • Cost of IT Staff Resources Required To Support/Manage: 57% • Cost Of Upgrades: 57% • Cost To Maintain: 55% • Can’t Take Advantage Of New Functionality Because Not On The Most Current Version: 34% • Lack Of Flexibility To Support Changing Business Needs: 32% • Dated User Interface: 27% • Limited Number Of Vendors To Choose From: 22% *Multiple Responses Allowed Source: InformationWeek Based on an objective review of these respondent answers - as well as the complete results of the InformationWeek Study - there appears to be substantial reason electronic discovery service decision makers to consider the delivery model sustainability of SaaS-based services – such as those provided by OrangeLT™ – as the most cost effective and resource efficient model to use when sourcing electronic discovery services.

Competitive advantage

Orange Legal Technologies’ OneO® Discovery Platform provides distinct and quantifiable advancements over current electronic discovery services as it is one of the only offerings in a marketplace of over 600 electronic discovery companies that provides all of the following capabilities with in-house proprietary technology:


 • A Complete Electronic Discovery Platform: OneO® can provide analytics, processing, and review – the core tasks of electronic discovery – from within a single platform. This means that once data is received and ingested, there is no need for an additional platform or provider to complete these key electronic discovery tasks thus saving clients over 50% of the time and 50% of the money required for electronic discovery when compared to traditional discovery offerings.


• An Integrated Electronic Discovery Platform: OneO® architecture provides for integration of electronic discovery tasks at the application level vs. the platform level. First, this means that data transfer between the key tasks of analytics, processing, and review occurs within the OneO® platform thus increasing the defensibility of evidence by both reducing the risk of potential spoliation that can occur when transferring data between platforms and/or service providers and providing a defensible process in support of compliance with Federal Rule of Evidence 502 and current case law. Secondly, this application level integration helps OneO® index documents twice as fast as other leading solutions - substantially decreasing the time and cost of electronic discovery.


• An Online Delivery Model: OneO® is delivered to clients via a Software-As-A-Service Model (SaaS). This means that there is no additional client-side resource or infrastructure investments necessary to implement and maintain the OneO® Discovery Platform – thus providing client’s cost savings for today and investment protection for tomorrow.