Empowering Mental Health providers to modernize patients' engagement.
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Company description

OPTT is a digital mental health platform that equips healthcare organizations with a comprehensive package of digital telepsychiatry capabilities and intelligent solutions, including clinically validated pre-designed therapy content, analytical capabilities, and personnel training, to offer their services online at a fraction of the traditional cost, time, and human resources.

Furthermore, although mental health problems are considered chronic disease problems, they are currently treated crisis by crisis and reactively, rather than proactively and continuously like other chronic diseases.

Our goal at OPTT is to utilize innovative technologies to transform mental healthcare into a more accessible, affordable, and sustainable system of care. Using pre-designed, clinically validated therapy content, and streamlined processes we aim to lower the cost while keeping a high standard of care.

Also through continuous monitoring of different, clinical, physiological & behavioral data and using machine learning approaches we hope to develop a robust set of evaluation techniques to support evidence-based decision making and improve monitoring of patients’ mental status longitudinally. 

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Business model

We sell to providers directly charge them per user per year. We have two different pricing models: A la carte and flat licensing fee.

By enabling our partner to deliver care and then introduce our digital monthly follow up program, we are going to allow our provider partners to move to value-based care models and assist their patients in staying healthy for a longer time.

Competitive advantage

Developing a comprehensive solution to change how mental health care is delivered is a huge and complicated task. With the collective clinical, theoretical, and engineering skills in our team, we are confident we have the expertise to overcome this challenge. The CEO, Dr. Mohsen Omrani, is a medical doctor with a PhD in neuroscience and extensive research background in computational psychiatry. The chief clinician, Dr. Nazanin Alavi, is a pioneer in online CBT research in Canada with more than 12 years of research expertise and the author of the first handbook of online psychotherapy, published by Springer-Nature. Our lead data scientist, Dr. Amir Hosein Shirazi, is a medical doctor with a PhD in physics working on complex systems and condensed materials, and extensive machine learning and data science expertise. Our software development team is led by Ali Omrani, our product manager with more than five years of experience, developing software products in Silicon Valley startups.


With more than 12 years of research on online CBT and writing the first handbook on how to deliver online CBT, our well-established team has the backbone for developing customized materials for different populations and mental illnesses. On the other, as a data-first platform, we have built IT-infrastructure to support our goal of making mental health more data-driven and proactive.


Our unique business model enables us to be in hand of more providers to collect diverse, unique data-set that we need to feed our machine algorithms.

We believe by integrating our technology in the natural environment that our users interact with like benefit/health navigation app or website, we can detect mental health issues at earlier stages. By inviting the employees to take care of their mental health in its early days with using our easy to use, human, delivered, accessible care we are going to reduce the absenteeism, short term, and long term. This proactive approach, with its ongoing support after the therapy period, will increase the organizations' productivity while decreasing their related healthcare costs.