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Company description

OPTT is a digital mental health platform that empowers providers to offer clinically validated digital therapies. Currently, we are providing provider teams with digital Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) materials, training, and IT infrastructure.


With OPTT's services, evidence-based therapies can be delivered in 1/4th of their traditional time and costs. Also, our asynchronous approach and smart digital therapy tools make these types of services more accessible and convenient for the patients.


Our primary focus is to empower our partners with clinically validated digital psychotherapy materials and tools. For achieving this goal, we have established a research lab with a team that has more than 12 years of experience in developing digital evidence-based therapies such as CBT and DBT.


In addition to these, as part of our roadmap, we shaped partnerships with wearable companies to monitor the patients' environment and day to day activities and offer personalized actions to assist them in becoming and staying mentally healthy.


The good news is the new CPT codes cover the cost of new comprehensive mental health programs offered by our primary care and telemedicine groups. With these new behavioral health care packages, providers can offer continuous mental health support to their patients and perform digital monthly follow up to assist them in staying healthy for a longer time.

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Business model

We sell to providers directly charge them per user per year. We have two different pricing models: A la carte and flat licensing fee.

By enabling our partner to deliver care and then introduce our digital monthly follow up program, we are going to allow our provider partners to move to value-based care models and assist their patients in staying healthy for a longer time.

Competitive advantage

We are a team of physicians and tech developers, so we understand both clinicians' needs and the role of patients' experience in utilizing digital health solutions. 


With more than 12 years of research on online CBT and writing the first handbook on how to deliver online CBT, our well-established team has the backbone for developing customized materials for different populations and mental illnesses. On the other, as a data-first platform, we have built IT-infrastructure to support our goal of making mental health more data-driven and proactive.


Our unique business model enables us to be in hand of more providers to collect diverse, unique data-set that we need to feed our machine algorithms.

We believe by integrating our technology in the natural environment that our users interact with like benefit/health navigation app or website, we can detect mental health issues at earlier stages. By inviting the employees to take care of their mental health in its early days with using our easy to use, human, delivered, accessible care we are going to reduce the absenteeism, short term, and long term. This proactive approach, with its ongoing support after the therapy period, will increase the organizations' productivity while decreasing their related healthcare costs.