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We bring economic efficiency and ease to the process of selling and scheduling advertising campaigns for TV, streaming, Internet display, game, mobile, and cross-media advertising. We are a systems and technology provided for sellers of advertising. Our systems run in the cloud but can also be installed.

The products truly optimize the selling of advertising campaigns and/or allocation of inventory to campaigns. Based on ground-breaking advances in optimization, they are the only products that can do this in a scalable way, taking into account unlimited targeting, unprecedented campaign controls, and the entire planning horizon. 

Optimized Markets, Inc. is a spinout from Carnegie Mellon University's Electronic Marketplaces Laboratory. It is based on $11M of R&D into optimization technology and market design for advertising sales and advertising inventory allocation. Our Founder and CEO is Dr. Tuomas Sandholm, an esteemd professor and serial entrepreneur. In the previous startup that he founded, he fielded 800 optimization-powered markets for sourcing, with a trading volume of $60 billion and savings to customers of over $6 billion.