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Company description

OppSites connect the government and real estate sectors in a $250 billion annual marketplace. OppSites provide the real estate sector with valuable insight into real estate development opportunities aligned with community goals.

OppSites promotes strategically important, commercially valuable, yet underexposed markets with standardized municipal data, to enhance transparency and efficiency while maximizing investment and revenue. Investors find underexposed opportunities, reduce risk, and get an edge on their competition. 

Our product:

  • Maximizes economic development priorities with speed and efficiency

  • Implements economic, political and community planning goals

  • Increases revenue and the value of the tax base

  • Saves staff time and money with a cloud based software that is easy to update  

  • Increases government transparency by providing data in a familiar searchable map interface

  • Leverages local assets and investments for greater ROI

  • Enhances services of planners and economic development organizations

  • Generates leads

  • Builds professional networks

  • Enhances marketing efforts by promoting opportunities directly to an international investor network

Cities & Municipalities

Cities maximize economic development by sharing local knowledge, and promoting development priorities on a national scale. With the click of a button, cities can share valuable information that investors need to know about what they would like to see built, and where. This national exposure helps cities attract partners to development priorities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Investment Community

For investors, brokers, and developers, OppSites is like having a personal relationship with every city. Investors use OppSites to find underexposed development opportunities and follow preferred cities to learn about opportunities before they hit the market. To reduce risk, OppSites delivers real time civic and market intelligence about strategic opportunities, community goals, priorities, and incentives.

The OppSites team of specialized urban design, real estate, and technology professionals is passionate about solving the economic development challenges facing cities and real estate investors. Our expertise drives the innovation and power of OppSites.









Awards and Mentions
Business model



Basic Services Are Free

  • Filter investment criteria to find unlimited Districts and Sites across multiple jurisdictions, nationwide

  • Watchlists: Save selected cities, districts and Sites for quick reference

  • Marketing: Promote features allow members to email opportunities directly from OppSites

Premium Services: Pay Per Use

Lead Generator

  • Follow feature alerts developers about updates in preferred cities before they hit the market.


  • Local Partner Platform: Network of local service providers

  • Advertisements: The promotion of services to targeted regions & cities

  • Premium Metrics and Analysis: Compare markets and development scenarios across multiple jurisdictions

3D Visualization

  • Custom patent-pending software that superimposes the unmet development capacity over an existing development. On the fly developers and brokers can analyze zoning, height limits, and potential development with ownership information and property valuation details.

Enterprise Members

OppSites is aggressively pursuing national partnerships to accelerate market capture on both municipal and real estate investment side.


Our launch strategy included multiple national conferences with a focus on California market to help secure early capture and revenue streams in strategic markets. We have prioritized conferences with high numbers of nationally based members:

  • 2014 Vator Splash Winner, Oakland, CA

  • 2014 Verge Finalist, San Francisco, CA

  • California League of Cities Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • American Planning Association National Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • International Economic Development Council, Fort Worth, TX

  • Downtown Colorado, Inc. Annual Conference 2014. Denver, CO

  • Code for America Summit 2014, San Francisco, CA

  • Urban Land Institute Fall Meeting, New York, NY

  • NAIOP Conference: Development ‘14 in Denver, CO

  • 2014 Base Redevelopment Forum, San Francisco, CA

  • National League of Cities Conference 2014, Austin, TX

Competitive advantage


There is no other platform where cities can promote priority development opportunities to a national investment community. These opportunities may or may not be for sale, and may or may not be publicly owned. 

OppSites successfully launched to cities in September 2014, and in the first six weeks, over 100 cities started adding priority development sites to the OppSites platform. 

OppSites 3D is a patent pending custom tool to visualize the zoning, height and development potential as an additional value add for select cities. 3D volumes are superimposed on the existing built environment offering a completely new way to explore the delta between what could be built and what is on the ground.

The team's deep expertise in municipal planning processes and challenges drives OppSites' technology and innovation.

Our CEO and Cofounder

Ian Ross has over 15 years of professional experience providing planning and economic revitalization consulting to cities throughout California. His experience uniquely positioned OppSites at the intersection of city planning and private sector real estate development.

COO and Co-founder

Tomas Janusas has diverse background in real estate, GIS and project management. Previous work experience includes working for the Los Angeles real estate investment company where he gained professional experience in market research, strategic acquisition, development, refinance and management of multi-family and commercial real estate portfolios. In addition, he was a project manager at Bayer and GIS professional at San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.