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Company description

OpenZine is a social publishing platform with browser based tools that provides regular people with the essential tools to create really amazing things, display it with equal quality and enables them to socially share, control and manage their ideas.

The best way to describe what OpenZine provides is by understanding how magazines work. Magazines have a staff of writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and editors that create & contribute. Here at OpenZine you create & contribute on those same principles but your resources are other OpenZine users!

To preserving the design experience of print we've created amazingly powerful one click layouts, for your Zine pages; You can even change them as you go!

Create your Zine covers and images online with the OhhZee Image Editor.
In just a few clicks, you can add shapes, text and effects the OhhZee way!

We've add the power of networking to your information. Create your Zine, mixing and match content from multiple sources. With approval, you can clip others content and they can clip yours. The coolest part is that when other people use your content, you keep full control and credit.

Business model