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Imagine needing to see a Doctor, or find a doctor while traveling and having your Intake Forms, Insurance Verified & Approved, All YOUR medical files, See Live ER Wait times, and Have an Uber pick you up in under 4 minutes to your appointment.

Based on your GPS OpenTreatment finds a physician that takes your insurance or you can simply search by type and location.  Once you select your Doctor you can send his office immediately your Intake form, insurance, medical files, Labs and X-rays.

Your Daughter has a Fever and you need to find an ER room nearest you. You will see LIVE ER Wait Times - Pick the closest one and that is it.  Again as an option a Uber will come and get you and when you arrive they know your daughters name, insurance is all set, medical files and any current X-rays and will see her at the time you select. It's that simple.  **(In cases where it is an Emergency and 911 is needed, OpenTreatment has contracted with the 2nd largest Ambulance Company in SF to ping the closest Ambulance using our technology vs a call center or dispatch that is not GPS centric) 

(9-1-1) 17-48 Minutes is average wait time today nation wide - vs with OpenTreatment 2-10 x faster! 

(1) Open Treatment is a "TSA Pre Board" for medicine. Patients fill out a simple history form or use the in-app medical file transfer function to reduce their wait times at participating hospitals--we're talking from 4 hrs 20 min to a 16 minute wait. 

(2) Open Treatment is like a Square reader for insurance cards. It gives Physicians the opportunity to quickly "read" insurance cards (via a patented process) so the doctors knows their patients' benefits (e.g. how much is left on their deductible). This is important to ensure timely billing and more transparency of the billing process.

(3) Open Treatment has a Uber-like map function for hospital wait times. Plus! The app connects with Uber to get a non-acute patient there faster than calling 911. Plus, Uber pays for the trip there. 

No more filling out the tedious intake forms, have insurance questioned, carry around medical files or's all with one push of a button.






Awards and Mentions
  • 18716_3036
    Startup House Battlefield - March 2015 - Initiated in late 2014, its reputation among founders has grown. Battlefield is essentially a way for startups to sharpen their company stories on the way to crafting the strongest pitch possible. A panel of experts watches each pitch and offers a critique immediately afterward. After all founders have finished their pitches, the panel convenes to pick the winner. Each event is limited to five or six startups. OpenTreatment was awarded "Best Pitch" & "Most Likely to Fund"
  • 18716_3027
    Startups Showcase Demo+Pitch Expo & Mixer presents an AplaZ event at Ruby Skye - Friday, March 20, 2015 with over 300 in attendance and a panel of VC's and Angels heard over 10 Company pitches and awarded the top five as the crowd awarded the Winner of "Best Pitch and Company." OpenTreatment was awarded Best Pitch & Company!
  • 18716_2885
    Awarded to Speak and Present to over 10,000 people at this years 2015 Collision Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Collision is Web Summit’s sister event, and found a home in Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project in Vegas. In 4 short years, Web Summit has become Europe’s largest tech conference attracting over 20,000 attendees from around the world. Collision is a vision for a new type of tech conference for America: A meeting place for 10,000 people who are both building the companies of tomorrow and managing the companies of today.
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    Out of 2000 start-up's applied, OpenTreatment made it to top 25 and presented at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. OpenTreatment was also invited to Necker Island (Richard Branson) as part of the top 25 new start-ups in Extreme Tech Challenge.
  • Business model

    Licensing deal to hospitals and doctors offices using a SaaS Enterprise platform.

    Competitive advantage

    OpenTreatment was created and patented to capitalize on todays market opportunity by providing integrated mobile app and web-based software modules that deliver patient demand management (PDM) through the following: 

    • Drive Continuous Demand:  OpenTreatment will enable patients to deliver timely Intake forms and insurance verifications and authorization to any hospital/practice prior their visit(s) through a mobile app and or web based application.  These Intake forms and insurance authorizations will be delivered by the OpenTreatment patient and will include integrated EMR communication. 
    • Drive Instant Demand: Having a one-time intake form that is updated regularly that can be delivered to any of your medical providers electronically and seamless is what OpenTreatment delivers.  OpenTreatrment will also enable businesses (Insurance companies) to deliver targeted promotions based on specific customer criteria.  This functionality will allow OpenTreatments patients to get best insurance quotes during times of constant changes in the industry. 
    • Drive New Demand:  Prior to the world wide web, medical service businesses attract new customers primarily through referrals from existing customers.  At OpenTreatment, having a mobile app and  online web presence with existing providers on platform will greatly enhance visibility and those taking patients insurance and make it a one step process.
    • Ensure Future Demand:  It is ten times more cost effective to keep an existing patient than to bring in a new patient.  To effectively monitor customer satisfaction, OpenTreatment will deliver an online customer satisfaction survey to each customer immediately after service has been performed.  The OpenTreatment customer will know instantly if a customer is happy, or more importantly, if a customer is unhappy.  This functionality will provide important feedback to the business and assist them in keeping customers who may otherwise chose to take their business elsewhere. 

    It is expected that each OpenTreatment customer will generate a minimum of $40 in new revenue for each $1 they spend on OpenTreatment each month.