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Company description

OpenStudy is a platform for peer-to-peer study help that's delivered right away from students around the world, to help high school and college students find answers immediately while learning and empower them with a unique brand of celebrity and credentials through helping others.

Since coming out of beta in March of 2011, OpenStudy has grown into a platform that 200,000 students use to study together each month.  Learners come from 180 countries and over 2,000 schools.  Users ask over 2,000 questions per day, and 70% of questions are answered by a global set of peers within five minutes.

OpenStudy is used on, mobile, and embedded on digital content sites such as MIT OpenCourseWare, Yale Open Courses, and dozens more.

  • Chris Sprague
    Chris Sprague | Team member
    Chris Sprague is the CEO of OpenStudy. Chris comes from a family of educators, and feels lucky to combine his two passions of education and technology in OpenStudy.
  • Austin Walne
    Austin Walne | Team member
Awards and Mentions
Business model

OpenStudy is exploring premium features and paid tutoring in addition to the free peer-to-peer community. 

Competitive advantage

OpenStudy's advantage rests on the free community of over 200,000 students from 180 countries visiting the site to both receive and contribute study help.

  • Fast: 75% of questions are answered within 5 minutes.
  • Proven: 80% of students surveyed reported demonstrable improved learning
  • Constant: Users are online helping each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answering over 2,000 questions each day.