Open Health Network
Location: 101 First St #264, Los Altos, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 02/2016, Seed: $200 k
Investors: Brian O'Neill
- Date: 12/2015, Accelerator/Incubator: $200 k
Investors: Barry Zuckerman, Peter Bruce, Maria Adamian
Short URL:

Open Health Network is a ground-breaking company. They understand that flexibility and change are intrinsic to the health care arena and their product is unique and ideal for efficient and thorough communication and creativity in health care. In addition, Tatyana Kanzaveli and her team are true "listeners" which is often absent when healthcare meets the development world. She and her team are smart, talented and listen and understand how to approach complex problems. Exciting idea with a great team. Keep an eye on their work!!

The American Heart Association is working with the Open Health Network as one of the Center for Health Technology and Innovation Innovators.


Open Health Network

Smart mobile health platform.
Los Altos, California, United States United States
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Company description

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Open Health Network enables rapid development of mobile health apps. 

OHN’s configurator empowers experts to create, maintain apps and content without programming.

OHN’s rules engine is used to personalize each app for each patient.

OHN’s chatbot provides patients with intuitive, friendly ways of communicating with apps and data.

OHN’s predictive algorithms can detect adverse health events before they happen and notify people if needed.

Among other OHN’s modules are: medications adherence, surveys, patients reported data gathering, gamification, recommendation, assessments, and more.

OHN customers are leading healthcare providers, researchers, patients advocacy groups, payers and pharma.






  • Maksim Tsvetovat
    Maksim Tsvetovat | Founder
    Ph.D. in Computer Science and Data Science - Carnegie Mellon (2005) Professor of Data Science - George Mason University (2005-2014) CTO, Deep Mile Networks (2010-2013) Founder and CTO, Open Health Network (2014 --
  • Tatyana Kanzaveli
    Tatyana Kanzaveli | Founder
    20 years of diverse management, sales, marketing, business development experiences with start-ups, Big 5 and other national and international companies. Particular expertise in: - Establishing, building and retaining strong business relationships...
Business model

Open Health Network is a B2B SAAS Enterprise offering.

Pricing: SAAS based model: payments are on per user per month basis.

Additonal pricing on T&M basis for initial deployment.

Competitive advantage

Instead of spending lots of time and money on developing one of mobile applications companies now can use customizabale configurable platform and create their mobile application on as needed basis within a week without coding. Any changes or updates/additions can be easily applied without coding as well.

Is OHN a CMS for health organizations?

Open Health Platform is more just a CMS platform for mobile health applications for healthcare organizations. It has number of completely configurble and customizable modules such as: patients diary, questionnaire, integrations with systems, devices, applications, content, etc.. In addition OHN has personalization module that allows patients to get only relevant content and applications look & feel gets personalized as well.

Are you an engineering agency as well so you have engineers assigned to certain organizations?

Organizations using OHN platform can use online OHN configurator and setup their own apps [and maintain them]. OHN has consultants that are available to help on a time & material basis.


If not, how would you describe your company - more than what you have on your profile?

Here is the easy explanantion of what OHN does.

Before SAP, Oracle, etc - every single organization had teams of developers that were developing custom ERP applications. It was a long and expensive process. There were some organizations that used best of breed niche applications and then faced with a pain of integrating them.

OHN is doing the same that SAP did for ERP for mobile health. Instead of hiring masses of developers to develop and maintain many mobile health applications, healthcare organizations can use OHN configurator and within hours setup their custom mobile health applications that can run on any device and in any language, can integrate with any devices, systems, applications. And they can do it within a day without programming. They also get access to OHN configurator after they configure their apps - no need to call developers when changes are needed, researchers, healthcare experts, etc can update any module of the app using configurator.

In addition OHN platform includes sophisticated algorithms [for example, we can predict adverse health events before they happen], gamification, recommendation modules and the most advanced AI based chatbot that provides very intuitive conversational way for patients to communicate.

How many organizations are you working with?

We are working with the number of amazing organizations such as UCSF, NYU, AHA, Lung Cancer Foundation, McGill and others

How much is your service?

Our service is subscription based offering: in average $1/patient/month + consuting services on a T&M basis.

What's the alternative and why are you better?

The alternatives are to hire either in-house developers or consultants - costs too much money and takes a long time; mobile space is changing very fast - this custom development model is not sustainable.

Organizations can also purchase off the shelf niche apps - those apps are not configurable, customizable . Patients will not use many apps to manage one disease.


OHN solves all the issues mentioned above!


Brian O'Neill
CFO, Investor, Mentor, Runner, Dad
Peter Bruce
Founder and President of, home of the Institute for Statistics Education (online analytics, data-mining and statistics courses and certificate programs).
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Ben Nguyen - Unconfirmed
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Brian O'Neill - Unconfirmed