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OPEC of the West
OPEC of the West Drillin' Brains 4 Better Technologies
Hayward, California, United States United States
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Company description

OPEC of the West is a company designing, developing and building educational products that encourage learning by playing with robots.  Making toys and tools for kids 4yr olds and up to any age that are home & kid safe yet provide fun and good experiences with First Person Shooter games so kids play with other kids off line developing good social skills as they study to play a more efficient game ... instead of being online where kids only learn hate, violence, sexual perversions and talk to predators.




This is the next generation of gaming and model train sets ... but these toys teach and encourage learning while the children play ... 


  • Walt Perko
    Walt Perko | Team member
    Born ... did okay in school ... did okay in the US Navy and received an Honorable Discharge ... went to college a few years and dropped out ... worked as a computer tech/network support for about 30-years then got tired of working for somebody ...
Business model

Building and selling new consumer robot toys and tools for all ages.