OnRoute Digital Media

“Find out what’s in your backyard!” ™
Syracuse, New York, United States United States
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Company description

OnRoute Digital Media LLC is an Ad Tech company focused on connecting with consumers over the mobile last mile and driving engagement from the street to the store. Through the use of our easy to use platform called BreadKrum, brands can create and measure location based messages from ranges of a few miles to down to few inches. OnRoute solves what is missing in location based mobile technology and delivers extremely relevant ad messages via a patented use of proximity and behavioral targeting.

OnRoute has launched BreadKrum as a standalone and SDK format domestically and internationally and is currently working with broadcasters, brands and athletic teams.  Using BreadKrum,  mobile consumers can truly – “Find out what’s in your backyard!” ™


Business model

Licensing fee for use of the BreadKrum technology along with data delivery charges for each campaign executed on the platform.

Competitive advantage

OnRoute's BreadKrum hyperlocal platform delivers a smart ad that allows for granularity of message through gender, location, date, and time specific delivery. Each campaign offers video preroll offerings along with industry standard click to call, map, and share functionality. It provides end users unique filtering opportunities along with organizing campaign messages and offers by theme and lifestyle activities.