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Founded in: 2006
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 50+
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Los Altos, California, United States United States
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Company description

SutiDMS is a web based (SaaS) / Enterprise Document Management Software solution that automates and simplifies the complete document management process.

The document management features can be used to store, access, modify, and maintain versions of electronic documents globally in a controlled manner.

With the integration of Record Management, users can easily manage physical and electronic records.

Team Collaboration allows users to create teams, discussion forums and polls to share across teams.

Document Workflow helps to simplify the complex task of business process management by allowing users to define start and finish points for processes, documents, and more.

Discover how SutiDMS can make your business activity simple, productive, and less risky. Learn more about SutiDMS...

Key Features

Document Lifecycle Management

Documents can be created with metadata and content. Documents loaded into SutiDMS contain default security and default values for custom fields.

Hierarchical File Structure

Documents are stored in a structured manner making management easier.

Document Version Control

Documents can be maintained with different versions using built-in version control functions.

Document locking mechanisms are enabled to avoid duplication or conflict.

Ability to Check-in and Check-out documents is standard in SutiDMS.

Documents can be demoted from higher to lower versions.

Documents can be promoted from any version to the current version

Users have the ability to maintain full version notes during the document check-in process.

Keep a complete audit trail of how documents have evolved over time.

Document Profiling

Users can store documents with custom properties to match the specific needs of the organization.

Properties can be made up of varous types including free-form text, dates, pull-down lists, etc for common labels (departments, regions, product names, and more)

Users can select a particular class to create documents or folders in order to associate the property with that Document/Folder

Document Searching

Find documents instantly using a variety of search criteria.

Create searches using multiple criteria across all search categories.

Search on additional file information including description, status, date ranges, and more.

Save custom searches so that they can be re-used and share saved searches for others to use.


Users can set security for documents at the time of adding documents or by using default settings

User and group based security model

ACL will be applied to each document and folder.

Allows customizable roles and privileges at the folder and document levels.

Limits access to sensitive information as required by compliance policies or regulation.

Prevents users from accidentally deleting files.

Document Log: View document history and identify who made changes and when they were made.

Event Subscriptions and Notifications

Notifications can be triggered on any process.

Events can be triggered on specific tasks and administrators can create event subscriptions.


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Business model

SutiDMS, SutiSoft's electronic document management software enables companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to document management across the enterprise. This web-based solution provides a central repository to store and organize documents. The solution can be used to access, create, modify, and maintain versions of documents globally in a controlled manner.