Enables teams to communicate and collaborate within a secure environment
Pune, Maharashtra,India
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Oneteam simplifies communication and collaboration between remote teams so that productivity and engagement are never compromised. Ideal for small and medium businesses as well as enterprises, Oneteam enables teams to stay in touch, exchange ideas and resources within a secure environment.

Oneteam helps organizations in driving quick communication with on-premise, remote as well as frontline employees. The enterprises can control the communication flow within business contacts, helping them to save cellular and data costs as well as ensuring distraction-free communication.

You can use Oneteam for:

  • Communicating with your teams over instant messaging and group chats
  • Sharing files and voice notes with your teams
  • Creating custom group chats called as ‘channels’ for inter-team communication
  • Sending and receiving quick updates and notifications

Features of Oneteam:

  • Encrypted, business-only communication within pre-populated contact lists
  • Connect with business contacts over VoIP calling
    Read receipts to know if your messages are sent, received and read
  • Flag Messages for marking important messages for quick referencing
  • Message forwarding to make communication easier
    Large file sharing up to 25 MB each

Oneteam stands out in the cluttered space of team communication apps with a fresh approach, designed for modern businesses.

Note: It's available for free now and please have a try and comment us about the app.