Location: 867 N West Knoll Drive, West Hollywood, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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West Hollywood, California, United States United States
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Company description is an online dating site created specifically to serve the relationship-minded gay and lesbian community.  

With the evolution of dating sites serving niche markets, the “mainstream” dating sites like, and are primarily focused on the heterosexual customer and do not offer anything unique to the gay market. And the gay “dating” sites are really focused on short-term benefits and not long-term love, sites like, and  The gay and lesbian market has been forced to wear a shoe that just does not fit!..... until OneGoodLove provided a tailored solution……like Cinderella’s glass slipper!

OneGoodLove knows our solution fits like Cinderella’s glass slipper based upon our traction to date and our member feedback. Since soft launching in November 2008, oneGoodLove has registered over 45,000 members to our site. Over this same period, oneGoodLove processed over 9,500 subscriptions and recognized over $250,000 in subscription revenue (GAAP rules) over a 27 month period with limited profiles on the site

Business model revenue model has been referred to as the “trifecta of internet revenue” because it includes the following: 1) subscription revenue 2) advertising revenue and 3) lead generation revenue. 


  1. Subscription Revenue- In the US alone, the gay market is estimated to spend over $70MM in annual subscription revenue on sites that don’t fit them. Our subscription revenue will grow exponentially once critical mass is obtained as OGL intends to offer both a browsing ( and matching system (eHarmony model).  OGL intends to bundle both products and therefore will extract more subscription revenue from our user base. In addition, OGL plans to also offer up additional services like and allowing committed couples to find other couples to do activities and meet other committed gay couples.
  2. Advertising Revenue – Once critical mass is obtained in the market, OGL will be able to charge premiums on our advertising inventory.  In fact, in 2009 and 2010, advertising directly to the gay market increased while overall marketing spend decreased. With a wholesome and clean site, OGL will be a big brand’s dream as they will be able to efficiently target the affluent gay market.
  3. Lead Generation Revenue – With this critical mass, OGL will be able to offer lead generation to industries like insurance, financial planning, adoption, automotive, travel, liquor, fashion and many more.  The US gay community has an estimated buying power of $740B in 2010 alone. Our market provides for a very fertile consumer base to generate revenue.



Competitive advantage

OneGoodLove crafted a tailored solution that fits the gay and lesbian dating community like Cinderella’s glass slipper and is a much better fit because of the following list of differentiators:

1. Our Personality Profile Test was created by a gay PhD specifically for the gay and lesbian market. The same PhD who created successful personality tests for and Yahoo Personals! Our test is also the only all-image based test on the market.

2.  Our site was built for the gay and lesbian market by the gay community and addresses key issues like HIV status and other topics of concern.

3.  OneGoodLove has gay and lesbian counselors and coaches writing relationship and dating content for our Gay Lesbian Advice Magazine (GLAM) and we have even launched a Dating 101 course online for our customers.

4. OneGoodLove gives back to the community. We encourage our subscribers to donate 5% of their subscription to charity of their choice. We have partnered with terrific organizations like HRC, GLAAD, Lambda Legal, Equality California and many others.

5. OneGoodLove’s team is very visible part of the gay community.  We are actively involved in many of the gay not-for-profit organizations. We are based in West Hollywood, CA, one of the gay centers of the world. 

6. OneGoodLove also will provide ancillary services like legal services, insurance, gay wedding planning and much more to our users providing another stream of revenue (lead generation)to our Company.