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One Caring Team has developed and tested Aloha VR, a medical therapy that eases the burden of dementia care for patients, their families, caregivers, healthcare providers and insurers. We are now seeking funding to provide the therapy to dementia and other chronic complex care patients nationwide.

Aloha VR improves the quality of life of dementia and other chronic complex care patients by reconnecting them to the world. In each session, the patient views our proprietary virtual reality videos through Samsung Gear VR.  Trained therapists can administer the procedure wherever chronic complex care patients reside – their homes, assisted living establishments, memory care units and medical facilities.

Moreover, family members are pleased and relieved that Aloha VR therapy is giving their loved ones moments of happiness in their lonely existence. In many situations, Aloha VR therapy can enable dementia patients to live in their homes longer and with less stress.

Aloha VR calms agitated dementia patients, which saves caretaking time and eases caretaker’s anxiety. Providers and insurers are also finding that Aloha VR can cut medical costs by reducing ER visits and hospital readmissions.

One Caring Team is owned and operated Dr. Sonya Kim, an ER physician who is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life of dementia and other chronic complex care patients. To date, Dr. Kim and her staff have administered more than 2,000 sessions clearly show that 90% of dementia and other chronic complex care patients respond dramatically to Aloha VR therapy.


We have over 2000 videos of Aloha VR clinical encounters which clearly demonstrate improved engagement in over 90% of patients. We also have unpublished clinical data from our pilot study which was completed in silicon valley this year.