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Shopping is social, why isn’t ecommerce?...


Let’s face it, we’re still at ecommerce 1.0 for all intents and purposes which by and large replicates our brick and mortar strip malls, mega malls and big-box retail experience – uninspiring and isolated.  And, the model still relies heavily on intrusive commercials wherever we are online, frequently out of context, which we have begrudgingly accepted as a necessary part of the experience…. But, that is changing…  We see several converging trends that present a tremendous opportunity to reinvent the relatively nascent concept of ecommerce as truly “social commerce”….


OfferSavvy is redefining the social commerce concept with a personalized, immersive experience dedicated to consumer-led product discovery and shopping experience wrapped in a genuine and highly social and engaging context, an experience very different from advertising on social media that now dominates the popular notion of “social commerce.”


OfferSavvy will be a socially charged, product discovery platform where consumers co-create their own public or private shopping experience with their network of like-minded people for personalized “Collections” of products and content from across the web and will receive financial rewards and social status for being active in the community and for buying products.


Vision:  Create the world’s leading social marketplace by putting the consumer at the middle of their product discovery and shopping experience


Mission:  OfferSavvy will provide the most socially dynamic platform for creating and engaging with communities of interest to build uniquely personalized product discovery and shopping experiences.  Our users will have access to the most intuitive and flexible product discovery, community engagement, relationship management and feedback gathering tools available all integrated with a powerful & proprietary recommendation engine that will identify the most relevant products and offers on both an individual and community basis to be delivered in a native advertising format

Alex Danzberger
I am an adaptable, strategic thought leader who establishes new avenues for growth and improves delivery capabilities. I rapidly evaluate enterprise competencies and strategies against the competitive environment to create and execute effective ac...
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