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Work smarter, faster. Work in Slack.

Whether you're capturing knowledge, delivering checklists, or asking questions. Obie works where and when you need him.



Spoonfeed, don't firehose. Deliver knowledge and information when your team needs it — not all at once.

Obie delivers content to the platforms you spend your day on. Information conveyed in an existing workspace is relatable, engaging and more effective.


Obie offers a familiar, conversational user-experience you'll ​actually enjoy. He can answer questions and send bite-sized knowledge to the team.

Obie is a quick-study — the more you use him, the more he delivers relevant and accurate content.

Business model

Obie is completely free to use on our freemium plan.  We offer analytics and reporting for paid teams at $5/user/month or $4/user/month when paid annually.

Competitive advantage

We're the first company learning and knowledge bot in the market, and we have a robust backend system for managing Obie and your team.