Youth Fitness & Media Company
Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Company description

O2 MAX is a brand focused on addressing the unmet fitness needs of teenagers, college students and kids. Unlike othersin the fitness industry, O2 MAX offers a compelling, effective, and fun portfolio of fitness services and products designed specifically for theyounger generation.   


With the ability to successfully connect with its target demographic, O2 MAX is recognized as a leader in youth fitness as demonstrated by the media coverage received well as the relationships and programs implemented to date (Prom Fit, College Fitness and other youth programs).  All programs leverage the use of social media to engage youth in real world fitness activities to promote healthier, more active, teen and young adult lifestyles. 

Business model

A fitness & media company that generates revenue from fitness program targeted to the high school and audience. We connect brands with fitness programs for events such as prom, freshman year of college and spring break.


Prom Fitness & MAX U - Online based fitness programs that are offered nationally and have the ability to scale rapidly given the proper online infrastructure and resources. 

Competitive advantage

 For the first 1.5 years O2 MAX was able to use its Santa Monica based fitness studio as an interactive lab to gain credibility, increase exposure and refine the proper price points, products and programs. 


O2 MAX has been recognized as a leader in the fitness industry and the youth market over the last few years. O2 MAX has continuosly been able to grow its brand using social media and guerilla marketing tactics to attract the youth demographic and to engage them in fitness and health. 


O2 MAX has strategically built inroads with its target customer base and is now ready to use its existing knowledge and resources to gain more market share on a larger scale.