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Nutrigene is revolutionizing personalized nutrition, giving consumers access to the highest quality vitamins to manage their specific health needs and feel their best from the convenience of their homes. Nutrigene brews fresh vitamins in a countertop device, dispensing a tailored nutrient shot personalized to your needs. With Nutrigene, you no longer have to rely on ineffective supplements that degrade on the shelf, putting preventative health in your control. Our patent pending device grows, monitors and extracts vitamins from microorganisms (i.e. yeast), using novel extraction methods and proprietary sensors to ensure safe consumption by the consumer. Each cartridge contains a microorganism strain, which produces a vitamin, which is extracted and mixed to one liquid shot for drinking. We create the personalized nutrient shot by pairing the device with personal health data, and creating a nutritional profile by integrating with existing genetics, physiological, lifestyle and microbial data diagnostics platforms (e.g. 23&Me).