Location: 686 Ellis Ct., Sebastopol, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 12/2018, Seed: $1 M (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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NutriCern, Inc.

Sebastopol, California, United States United States
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Company description

NutriCern, for the first time ever, can prescribe food as medicine!  By connecting cutting-edge food science to latest knowledge, on human biology and disease, our apps learn users’ unique biology and behavior and dynamically optimize their nutrition to improve their health, wellness and performance.


Our Solution


NutriCern’s unique nutrition technology “prescribes” specific nutrients proven by research to positively impact health objectives in an affordable, holistic way far beyond the capabilities of weight-loss apps requiring expensive proprietary tests.  

NutriCern leverages comprehensive input datasets (family, diagnostic, genetic, phenotypic, microbiomic); and our proprietary knowledgebase, to provide precision-based quality outputs for individuals at any income level.

Company Value Proposition
We empower people to change behavior by providing personalized, targeted recommendations based upon their own health inputs, preferences, and tracked behavior.  For insurance, healthcare and corporate clients, this links to personalized action plans, increasing compliance, and patent-pending technology that conforms to standard diagnostic inputs and medical/insurance informatics supporting seamless integration with medical/insurance systems and wellness portals.

Benefits include:

- Actionable information from white label or EatRxTM-branded intelligent apps provide dynamic decision support to end users for retail or on-the-go food purchases or customized recipes using what’s in their fridge today.

- Custom APIs deliver food transparency that will be transformational for the food industry linking foods to specific health outcomes.



NutriCern is the first company to exploit the current consumer empowerment revolution by bundling cutting edge science in precision medicine, digital health and food transparency to create a single nutrition-based product that can be tailored specifically to all four key sectors: consumer, employer, payer, and provider.

Team History
NutriCern is the result of a close team of founders who have existing relationships and work histories providing a true team effort with a clear and strong leadership. The technology team include search engine architects, big data specialists, and knowledge engineering experts who have been working together for decades on advanced knowledge driven decision support solutions that answer questions and make users smart about complex, unfamiliar domains. With expertise in Big Data, A.I., finance, health insurance, licensing and marketing at major corporations, defense and government, the executive team is ready to scale up, and our advisory board consists of knowledge leaders in food, science and health.

  • Debbie McAfee
    Debbie McAfee | Founder
    Debbie McAfee – Founder and President of NutriCern, Inc. Debbie McAfee has extensive experience as the developer of new business areas and start ups  in both private industry and non‐profits.  As the principal of McAfee Group, Ms. McAfee was  lice...
  • Patty James
    Patty James | Team member
    I am Director of Nutrition and Culinary for NutriCern/EatRx. My expertise includes analyzing scientific research, creating recipes and meal plans for a specific health concern, writing articles and assisting with business development.
  • Steven Watkins
    Steven Watkins | Advisor