NS8 Inc
Location: Herndon, Virginia, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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NS8 Inc

NS8 is an Abuse, Fraud, and Experience Protection Platform.
Herndon, Virginia, United States United States
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Danger lurks online in unexpected ways, and it puts online businesses at risk for fraud or abuse. Luckily, we’re ready to combat these types of criminals. We enjoy facing-off with these challenges, and even more so, we love saving our client’s money. This is why NS8 is not like other fraud solution companies. Not only do we see eCommerce fraud as a growing concern, we see a greater purpose for detection and scoring. By combining fraud prevention and customer analytics, businesses can stop worrying about chasing after scammers and focus their attention on the real customers for better peace of mind.


Besides protecting online stores from fraud, NS8's products are designed to be a complete user experience protection platform. Our services monitor the stability and health of merchant's websites, so they know immediately when their storefront is not performing the way they want it to. This ensures that businesses can keep the bad users away from their site and that everything works seamlessly for their real customers.


  • Adam Rogas
    Adam Rogas | Founder
    Adam Rogas is the CEO and Co-Founder of NS8 Inc, a cyber security company that protects online businesses from fraud and abuse and enables them to provide optimal user experiences for their customers. Adam is originally from Las Vegas NV; he has ...
  • Eric Kay
    Eric Kay | Founder
  • Paul Korol
    Paul Korol | Founder