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Company description

NowLive operates as a media network and technology platform for live interactive shows. The company's innovative Social Broadcasting platform eliminates the cost and complexity of creating and distributing live broadcasts that have kept "big" media companies in control of the $180b a year market. The platform's elegant integration of social networking elements allows these live broadcasts to become highly interactive social events for the audience and hosts. Since launching in March 2007, the company has proved user demand, scalability and integration of the platform and has now clarified its business model.


Business model

The company will generate the majority of its revenue through a "branded" solution where prospective customers, such as TV networks, terrestrial radio stations, branded websites and Internet stars can easily deploy live, interactive shows. These customers will benefit from the platform through greater utilization of content assets and by creating new and deeper levels of engagement with their audiences (more impressions, greater attention, stronger brand loyalty and ultimately increased enterprise value). The partners can choose to deploy these highly engaging shows immediately at no cost by sharing in ad revenue or they can eliminate the ads by paying a monthly licensing fee. The company will continue to run the network to support branded partner syndication, user-generated shows and an active environment for testing of rapid and ongoing white label product enhancements. The destination site will be monetized through premium service options and advertising.

Competitive advantage

NowLive's platform is a powerful B2B solution that provides its partners with the ability to deploy their own branded TV or radio networks on their websites.  While the competition is focusing on building user generated destinations, our platform is designed to enable our customers to deploy their own solutions.  This core difference in business models guided our development team to create a sophisticated back end infrastructure that enables partners to schedule, administrate, moderate and monetize their live networks.  This back end infrastructure, along with our unique group participation features (Callers, YouTube sharing...) provides the company with a 12 month lead on any new company entering the space.