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The AI field began in the 1950s with grand dreams of equaling and exceeding human general intelligence, but gradually changed focus to the production of highly task-specific “narrow AI” systems.  Novamente LLC was founded in 2001 with a goal of shifting back toward the original goals of AI, and focusing attention on the creation and application of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology.

As a commercial company rather than an academic research project, Novamente is focused on working incrementally toward powerful AGI while serving practical customer needs using appropriate advanced AI technologies.

Currently Novamente’s work has three chief aspects (described in more detail on our Services and Research pages, and see also our Technology Capabilities Whitepaper):

  • AI Software Consulting – creating custom software meeting a customer’s needs, building on Novamente’s proprietary AI tools,  the OpenCog artificial general intelligence system, and additional open-source AI tools with which the firm has significant experience
  • AI-Based Data Analysis – analyzing and finding patterns in quantitative, relational or textual data, using statistical and machine learning tools, including standard algorithms and our own proprietary methods.  Quite simply, advanced AI and AGI can find methods that traditional statistical or data mining methods don’t find.
  • AI R&D – in addition to our directly customer-driven work, Novamente LLC has carried out a set of unique and systematic research projects in artificial general intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, game AI, automated reasoning and other areas.   One of the results of this R&D was the initial version of the OpenCog open-source Artificial General Intelligence toolkit, which has since flourished with the assistance of an international community of commercial, academic and volunteer developers.  Novamente also possesses a substantial library of proprietary AI tools, including some OpenCog extensions as well as others.

Also of note are Novamente’s partnerships with Biomind LLC for the application of AGI to bioinformatics, and with theM-Lab at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the application of AGI to video game characters.