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Company description is a short format, interactive video and article platform focusing on the Latino community. By providing an easy and “linked” platform, we populate our culturally relevant content from global media companies and journalist targeting the Spanish community.  
Business model
Our interactive platform will create a community that will encourage discussions about issues important to our target population. It will also allow advertisers to reach a currently fragmented market by providing them with comprehensive information about the behavior of the Latino consumer online
Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is our ability to capitalize on the fragmented Spanish language websites which lack a clear leader. We know that news programming on the major US Spanish language broadcasters (e.g., Univision, Telemundo) consistently obtains higher ratings than CBS, NBC and ABC. Yet, neither Univision nor Telemundo offers comprehensive online news coverage. And the available news and content on and is largely text-based and geared towards the US Mexican audience making it of limited interest to Cubans, Puerto Ricans and other Latino groups. Another key limitation to existing Spanish language websites is their leadership. The development of and is largely controlled by individuals who specialize in the "30 second ad" traditional media structure rather than individuals who specialize in the Internet. To date, the traditional broadcasters (e.g., ABC, NBC) have largely ignored the Spanish language market because the English-speaking market is so lucrative.

These gaps provide with a critical window of opportunity to penetrate the Latino market. We expect that will be successful in carving out a niche market for the same reason that the Spanish language broadcasters have been able to dominate the Spanish-language broadcast market. They place a strong emphasis on providing culturally-relevant content to its target population. will do the same. We intend to offer an independent site which is localized by country (e.g., Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico etc.), video-based, and primarily reliant on video and content from independent journalists and broadcasters looking to reach the Spanish-speaking population outside their home country or in hard to reach communities.