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Notelog [noht-log], is the premier online collaborative portal and social document sharing application used for sharing academic knowledge on college campuses worldwide.

Notelog's growing number of users ("noteloggers") consists of students, professors, publishers, and experts located around the world all collaborating to create the world's largest collection of notes, knowledge, and know-how!

Notelog provides many exclusive features to its registered users; making it easier for students and professors to collaborate and manage academic material, while also allowing experts to contribute knowledge and know-how on a worldwide scale:

The Story: Founders Mike Fingado and Cedric Nabe met at the Florida State University in 2005 where they were both members of the three-time National Champion track and field team. It was as student-athletes that they were embedded with the importance of time management and teamwork (collaboration).

“Being student-athletes our schedules are rigorous, but we are blessed with amazing academic support and facilities at FSU that help us manage it all. The issue of time management is not just a student-athlete issue; there are plenty of hardworking students out there with multiple jobs paying their own way through college and they too should have a way to manage busy schedules with their studies,” said Mike Fingado co-founder of

Noticing this lack of support for the common student is what motivated Mike and Cedric to be proactive, prompting them to create what Notelog has grown into today; the leading collaborative academic social-document site dedicated to making students and professors more successful in their studies, research, and ultimately lives.

The idea is simple; everyone is an expert at something! Collaborate to graduate! Study smarter not harder!

Business model

It's built on a model unique to our site,  functioning with some e-commerce, advertising, and two other mystery sources of revenue.

Competitive advantage

Why would we give this away :)