NosVmos, Inc.

NosVmos, Inc.
"Adaptive communications for Latino networking professionals"
Cleveland, Ohio, United States United States
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Company description

"NosVmos," is a derivative from the Latin word, "nosvemos," or I will see you." is a Latino social network that facilitates real time connection and interaction among business professionals globally.  With over 28 countries currently involved in our beta launch, NosVmos or "NV Network" is currently connecting Latinos face to face with next generation networking applications.

Professionals can connect to each other safely and securely via a multi-faceted desktop application that allows point to point communication without launching an Internet browser.  

Our users enjoy customized video email messaging, public and private chat,live broadcasting and collaboration to hundreds of viewers, note sharing, business search and sub-channel programming all from their desktops and mobile devices.

It is free to join NosVmos, and all members can build connections  utilizing free video tools to facilitate their networking activities.  There all subscription services ranging from $9.95 to $109 per month for members seeking enhanced video services, storage and advertising within the NV community. 

NosVmos is a business social network built by Latinos for Latinos worldwide.  





Business model

NosVmos, Inc. will soon launch a unique, highly capable, new Latino-oriented Internet Social Network. NosVmos is based on an innovative technology which provides both unprecedented social networking capabilities and a new set of professional business communication tools. It is oriented to individuals and small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) interested in promoting themselves on an Internet social network while building both their social community and business connections.

Unlike other social networks built on the worldwide web via a browser, NosVmos operates through a downloadable “desktop widget”. Once downloaded, the widget allows controlled, direct computer to computer communication. The features and benefits of the widget include:

    • Bilateral communication between users in text, sound and full motion video

    • Creation of exciting “in front video presentations”

    • Complete user control over content received and transmitted

    • Much greater internet security and reliability than the worldwide web provides including greater stability, faster speed, and dramatically lowering the possibilities of obtaining viruses

NosVmos will charge users to become subscribers for premium levels of services. Higher usage levels of the proprietary communication tools will generate subscription revenues.


User Levels are as follows:

  • Free users can post their profile, post messages on other people’s profiles, send text e-mail, participate in general chat room, have up to 50 outstanding add contact requests, plus receive live broadcasts.

  • At the first level of payment, known as VIP level, priced at $9.95 per month, users can send audio/video e-mail, and utilize video chat – from one to one chat up through one to 10 way bilateral video, can purchase white board meetings and receive referral rewards.

  • At our Ambassador level at $69.95 per month, Ambassadors can create 3 dimensional in-front video welcome videos to “walk in front” of your profile page, video e-mail, can advertise on the network, utilize 20 way bilateral video communication, purchase white board meetings and receive referral rewards.

  • Our International Ambassadors at $109.95 per month receive 3 dimensional in-front video, audio/video e-mail, 50 way bilateral video conferencing, unlimited networking, preferential advertising rates, and white board meetings. They can also embed NosVmos capabilities into their own websites through “code sharing”.

Once users experience these unprecedented levels of communication in the context of social networking where they can also build personal and business relationships, users will adopt this new network and pay a subscription fee.

Some examples of how users may use NosVmos would include: video meetings and chat on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis including meetings with customers, potential customers, fans, associates, suppliers, investors, business relationships and others; the creation and use of 3 Dimensional In-Front video for high impact communication to friends, family and business associates; and, white board meetings with business associates for new products, new offers, and coordinating internal activities. These features are highly useful to individuals, small and medium sized business owners to promote their products, services, extend their network and build their businesses. All of these activities are green and are therefore great for the environment. By going virtual NosVmos subscribers will be saving energy, travel time and money.

In addition to membership fees, NosVmos has two major advertising related revenue opportunities. The first is with sub-channel partners who will pay NosVmos to advertise their products and services to our members. NosVmos has already concluded its first sub-channel partnership deal with a financial services company – a foreign exchange trading company worth approximately ____ in payments to NosVmos over the next three years. NosVmos has already received its first payment from this partner. Other sub-channel partners we anticipate to contract will be in the fields of entertainment, financial services, travel, education, consumer products and numerous other industries.

The second source of revenue generation for NosVmos will be with our members wanting to promote their business internally to other members within the same social network.

A core competency and capability of our NosVmos team is our capability to design, build, market and monetize this unique social network. 

Competitive advantage
NosVmos has licensed this technology on an exclusive basis for the Latino market. NosVmos is basing its marketing strategy on the relationships of the principals and on the existing social networks they will bring to the NosVmos community. Several of the NosVmos team members have many thousands of contacts on other social networks such as Xing, Facebook, and Linkedin. These relationships will bring many thousands and potentially millions of new members for NosVmos. In addition, NosVmos will utilize databases of Latino contacts. Due to its proprietary communication tools, which far exceed any other existing social network, and never seen before within the context of social networking, , NosVmos will charge users to become subscribers for premium levels of services. Higher usage levels of the proprietary communication tools will generate subscription revenues.