Norvergence LLC

Change is good, unless it is climate change
Guttenberg, New Jersey, United States United States
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Company description

Norvergence is an NGO run by environmentalists. The mission of Norvergence is to spread awareness about climate change and global warming. It also works to ensure sustainable livelihoods and conserve biodiversity. Norvergence is a completely independent organization that promotes solutions which are environmentally friendly. 

Norvergence is a hub for coverage of how climate change and global warming are changing the planet earth.  It is also the destination for in-depth analysis regarding any climate breakdown and what future holds for all us in the context of sustainability.







Business model

Norvergence is an environmental organization specialized in spreading awareness regarding climate change across all the sections of society. The team at Norvergence LLC believes that when people all over the world works together towards one goal; it leads to a better and more compassionate future. Environmentalists at Norvergence work with schools and colleges to aware students about the present environmental conditions.

Competitive advantage

Novergence operates as an NGO across the United States of America. The motto is to make sure that every citizen throughout the world understands his/her responsibility towards environment. Norvergence LLC partners with various communities, governments, companies, and individuals to address the factors affecting the earth temperature. Environmentalists at Norvergence present their data in a systematic manner with proper scientific backup (facts and figures).