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A social discovery engine that helps users share and find relevant content in the simplest possible way.

We are an online advertising and technology company focused on empowering communities of users, advertisers, and publishers with easily accessible tools for content sharing, discovery and monetization. We are currently based in Slovenia with presence in 9 countries and a strong focus on emerging markets.

Our mission is develop better ways of matching content with users.

We are a half start-up and half grown-up. Over the past 8 years we have build a leader in online advertising in Central and Eastern Europe and are rapidly expanding globally with new products and services. After a year of serious R&D we are ready to announce, a new revolutionary product which will enable people and businesses to share and discover content online in new ways. is a social discovery engine, which aims to change the way people and organizations find and share relevant content by using innovative algorithms and user interfaces.

Noovo Advertising Network provides advertisers with a fully integrated offering and is one of the leading display and performance advertising networks in Eastern Europe, Germany and Austria. It currently represents over 1.100 publishers and is rapidly expanding internationally.