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New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

nOOkist™ was originally called MyBlackBook, but the company behind the popular sexual health service sold it's registered trademarks as of January, 2009.


nOOkist™ is just one of the many products of Resorb Networks, Inc  (for Vator profile, click here) which effectively fills a void and meets a need.


The mission of nOOkist™ is to provide people with a place to store their sexual history, partners, and experiences in a safe, secure and confidential place. To allow them to manage, update and lookup their entries in an easy way - giving them the opportunity and ability to assess their sexual behavior and activity and to make changes in their lives.


nOOkist™ currently has over 16,000 members world-wide - that grows nearly 50 more per day.


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Business model

nOOkist™ is the internet's first, confidential online sexual history log. The site gives the user the ability to easily maintain a sexual history, and keep track of who he or she has been with.


Done in the public interest  - the site is aimed at promoting safe sex, through education and assessment - nOOkist™ offers individuals the unique experience to keep track of their sexual health in a variety of ways.   This allows a person to have a 'front row seat' into the depths of their sex lives and how certain actions can put them at risk for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases.


nOOkist™ enjoys a member base that extends from the college student to the professional entrepreneur, all with varying preferences and spanning an age range from 18 to 65. MyBlackBook is confidential and discreet, protecting the privacy and information of its users with advanced encryption standards such as AES, and all
transmissions through MyBlackBook are aided by a 128-Bit SSL Secure Server, to protect privacy and the information passed from the user to the server.


nOOkist™ also offers its members the ability to view statistics of their personal history in the form of real-time activity graphs, intimate partner reports and more. All of the features offered to its members are currently free to use and enable members to put all of their "black book" contents into perspective, giving them an at-a-glance view of whom they've slept with.


All of the features which have been developed for this site, are a result of not only careful research and development with sexual health in mind, but also the ideas and suggestions of our members on how to make this service even better then what was initially being offered. We rely heavily on the input, feedback, ideas and suggestions of all of our members to help form and evolve the service into what people are looking for.

We strive to be the best and will take every submitted suggestion and idea seriously, scrutinize it religiously and where able, try to incorporate it into continual development of the service.



Competitive advantage
A serious competitive advantage that nOOkist™ has is a feature that it offers to its members called VDNote™ - short for "Venereal Disease Notification", which has the ability to calculate the probability of obtaining several sexually transmitted diseases, based on the prior sexual history of the user. The patent pending technology helps simplify the task of modifying sexual habits by actually computing the risks involved with having unprotected intercourse and other related attributes.


Another competitive advantage that nOOkist™ has is not only the support of its member base, but also quick development turn-around times when features are requested.