Contributing to happiness of people suffering from lymphedema
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Company description

We want to change life of people suffering lymphedema.

Today, patients have to rely on a weekly treatment performed by a specialized practitioner. Women and men have to bear the look of others when they wear contention sleeves and stockings in public. The patients and the social security, or private health insurer, have to support a huge cost for the treatments.

We want to change their life.

We want them to become free from relying on others.

We want them to manage the social stigma.

We want them to save money.

We want them to get back to what they widh: a normal life.

Tomorrow, with our medical device, patients will reduce the lymphedema themselves without the need of a third party, everywhere and at anytime with a clinically tested that provides a superior patient experience.



Business model

Our value proposition is:

Allow patients to reduce themselves their lymphedema everywheer and at anytime wiht a low cost clinicaly tested products that provides a superior experience.

Our channels are

Patients are informed by their physio or by lymphedema-related web sites about the product adavantages.

Our revenues are:

Patients register to our web site and pay to get access to the application via our web site. For forst users, once they have paid, they receive a connected bandage which is lent to them. The bandgae has to be returned once the customer stops paying for access.

Our two key activities are :

Scientifc: Buiding scietific credibility and become an international guideline

Marketing: Creating a geomatrical sales progression based on spread the word

Engineering: Improving always the quality of the our medical device and the customer experience

Competitive advantage

Patients will reduce the lymphedema themselves without the need of a third party, anywhere and at anytime with a clinically tested product that provides a superior patient experience.

They get : automony, costs savings and quality of life.