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Nodexus Inc.
Next-generation bioinstrumentation to address even the most devastating of diseases.
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Company description

Nodexus is commercializing a versatile system, consisting of a hardware platform (tablet-sized) and disposable cartridges, that was developed at Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley.  The technology offers unprecedented sensitivity at a fraction of the cost, and we are leveraging our unique advantages for cancer screening.

The Problem

Studies have shown that circulating tumor cells (CTCs) shed from a patient’s primary tumor and enter the bloodstream, leading to the formation of secondary tumors elsewhere in the body. The presence of CTCs is linked to metastases, decreased survival rates, and therapy inefficacy; therefore, CTCs can serve as an early warning system for the spread of cancer.

The Nodexus Solution


We believe that the future of metastatic cancer screening, treatment, and monitoring will be through a “liquid biopsy”. Unlike existing technologies for CTC detection, our platform enables the collection and characterization of many different types of viable CTCs that can ultimately allow a doctor to identify the right regimen for each patient, monitor therapy resistance, and perform early detection of disease. Our liquid biopsy provides an avenue for new therapies and drug discovery while reducing costs/labor time and increasing patient outcomes/peace-of-mind.  A unique benefit offered by our system is its ease of use; it is a one-step fully automated process that can be operated without the need for a trained technician.

The Company/Team

Karthik Balakrishnan, PhD – Chief Executive Officer, (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Caltech; M.S. Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley), Full-Time – Karthik has extensive experience with the Nodexus platform, as a co-inventor of the core technology. He provides insight into the manufacturing and development that are necessary to commercialize the platform. Karthik’s vision is to apply device design and engineering to solve medical problems and to develop commercial solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Anand Kesavaraju – Chief Strategy Officer, (Innovation Fellow, Northwestern University INVO; B.S. Bioengineering, UC Berkeley; M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University), Full-Time – Anand has done extensive research in Biological Engineering and Global Health, has professional experience in the biomedical device industry, and has entrepreneurship expertise through the NUvention Medical Innovation Program and as an Innovation Fellow at INVO. Anand’s background lies in the translation of biomedical devices from ideation to the market.

Vincent Tuminelli – Chief Product Officer, (Business development in Biotechnology; A.B. Biology, Princeton University), Full-Time – Vincent has spent years in the biotech industry. He has extensive research, development, and industry experience in the biotechnology sector (Genentech, Plexxikon), including leading budget and contract negotiations. Vincent brings expertise working with contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies that will prove valuable as Nodexus grows.

Furthermore, Nodexus’ key personnel are joined by a strong team of Advisors and Scientific Advisors that will be assisting with development and commercialization.

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