No More Cards, Inc.

No More Cards, Inc.
See It, Scan It, Buy It!!!
Vernon, California, United States United States
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No More Cards is a revolutionary Omni-Channel commerce and mobile marketing platform aimed at the needs of all sides of the transaction process. Our approach was simple, what was needed to create a mobile system that could truly deliver on all the promise and expectations of not just consumers, but merchants, processors, and the involved financial institutions as well?

Developed from the ground up, No More Cards offers among many things; genuine payment security and fraud protection, universal compatibility with no hardware upgrades, comprehensive and detailed independent analytics, and an integrated promotional system called Direct Purchasing™ that offers not just just traditional promotional and rewards capabilities, but also the ability for turn-overs of those offers into immediate sales and consumer traffic. All with only minor implementation required at the different levels.

With No More Cards, consumers can purchase securely anywhere; in store, online, on-the-go, or even through a merchant's advertising. Using the versatility and power of our Direct Purchasing™ traditional advertising and promotions such as commercials, print ads, or social media like Facebook and YouTube are easily turned into an immediate, direct sales opportunity that consumers can purchase from.

With No More Cards, the mobile marketplace can finally take it's place as a viable and profitable commercial environment for all areas of business.