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Nitron - Shikun & Binui, Arison Group
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Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water

Good for the Environment, Excellent for Your Budget


Nitron, Israel's second largest water treatment company, has developed an efficient technology to remove nitrates and deliver quality drinking water for well owners and water companies.

SED has been working successfully in Israel in 15 plants that save more than 55% on water costs for our customers. All Nitron plants produce water according to rigorous quality standards under strict government supervision.

What is SED?

SED is an EPA approved solution to remove nitrates from large-capacity ground and surface water sources of 100,000,000 gallons per year and up.

SED uses an electrical process to separate nitrates from the water and concentrate it in separate cells. It replaces traditional technologies such as Reverse Osmosis or Ion exchange with a simple process that typically includes only pre-treatment and a membranes stack to produce drinking water of the highest quality.

Less Energy

SED relies on natural electrical processes and works at a low pressure of 2-3 bars. By specializing in nitrate removal from brackish water, Nitron was able to develop a highly energy-efficient solution that achieves impressive results at minimal energy costs.

SED uses 85%-90% less  energy than RO

Less Chemicals

The simple SED electrical process uses no chemicals for treating the feed stream or restoring minerals to the product stream. Chemicals are only used to prevent precipitation in the concentrate stream which amounts to just 3-6 % of the feed water. All chemicals are kept strictly separate from the product water to reduce health risks.

Chemicals are only used in the concentrate stream

Less Maintenance

SED uses relatively few membranes which are insensitive to silica, sulphate and other materials thereby simplifying pretreatment. In SED water flows in parallel to the membranes, a method that further reduces the risks of clogging and other mechanical problems. Thanks to these and other features SED plants have 99% availability, with no gradual performance deterioration.

To ensure simple maintenance Nitron has developed a smart Command & Control System that allows customers to access all sensor readings remotely through the web. If a reading is out of accepted range, the system sends alerts through email or SMS.

SED membranes are replaced every 7-10 years.

About Nitron

Nitron has been treating water and waste water for 15 years in Israel - the home of smart water solutions. Nitron has implemented a variety of water projects for over 50 clients, including Israeli municipalities, Mekorot - Israel's national water company, Danone Israel, Nestle Israel, The Weizmann Institute, and more.

Nitron is owned by "Housing & Construction" (TASE: SKBN) Israel's largest construction company, controlled by the multi-billion dollar Arison Group. Nitron is the group's water specialist, building complex projects such as waste water treatment, desalination, drinking water purification and more. Thanks to its corporate affiliation, Nitron is able to provide flexible financing solutions to meet its customers' needs.