Nine Studios
Location: Flat 15, Temple House, London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Nine Studios

Designing better smart home products
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

Nine Studios is a London based startup that designs, develops and sells consumer friendly smart home products. Currently developing Photine - a new type of digital photo frame. A better way for you to relive the best moments in your life and feel more connected to your friends and family.



A family of smarter, better digital photo frames.

The first multiple screen digital frames.


Designed due to the frustration of all the dull, similar looking digital frames which are notoriously a hassle to use and regularly appear in the christmas least wanted gifts lists. Our photos and memories deserve better as we struggle to find ways to display the ever increasing amount of photos we care about. 

Photine comes in a 1, 3 and 4 screen model. They are the first multiple screen digital photo frames made from Canadian maple with high quality LCD screens. They are a beautiful way to relive those best moments in life.

More photos, more memories, more fun.

Photine frames connect to your wifi and can download your images from the online services you use like Facebook, Dropbox, your computer libraries and more… Photine frames are smarter than most. With their smart albums they can automatically retrieve and display your latest photos with the most Facebook likes, comments, the ones you and your partner are tagged in and more.

Smart selection, instant, automatic and effortless.

Photine frames are set up via our mobile app or any web browser. Starting out is as simple as:

  1. Launching the app

  2. It discovers a new frame to set up

  3. Sign the frame into your wifi

  4. Log into 1 or more online services like Facebook or Dropbox

  5. Your frame will now display your images.

Our app includes more features like pushing photos from your device to the frames, navigate between photos being displayed or send a photo to someone elses frame. Perfect for long distance couples. You can also have a party mode where you tell the app who is coming over and it will make sure your Photine frame will display pictures where your guests have all been at the same events before.

Digital photo frames catch up with the smart home

Having multiple screens allows Photine frames to do things no one else can do. Like display 1 image cut up over multiple displays or show panoramic images across our gorgeous 3 screen frame.

You could also assign each display of 1 frame to a different family member. So only their photos stream to that frame. Great when the kids have left home.

Feel more connected to your family

Photine frames have a contemporary design with a tiered construction. So some displays are raised above others. This dynamic offers a beautiful yet subtle contrast to the products.

Photine frames have been kept as simple as possible, with only a single domed button to turn the product on and off.

Photine is designed by London based startup Nine Studios and launches on Kickstarter on November the 1st. Follow @ninestudiosltd or sign up to the mailing list at to keep updated and to purchase your Photine frame.

Additional features:

  • Pick specific albums and pictures to display rather than use smart albums.

  • Photine stores the last 1000 images in it’s memory so you still have plenty of photos to display if your wifi disconnects.

  • Temporarily assign a display to a friend or family member. Great for when they are travelling and you get their holiday images displaying in real time back home.

  • Support for: Facebook, Dropbox, iPhoto, Mac OSX, Windows, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive and Instagram.

  • On/off timer. Photine can automatically turn itself on and off according to the time. So you can set it to never display when your asleep and wake you up with the latest images of your family.


  • Over 250 people on our reservation list which leads nicely to our launch on Kickstarter on the 1st of November.  Representing a 21% conversion of unique visitors Equivalent to over £40,000 in revenue 
  • Won the London Entrepreneurs Competition
  • Won the UCL Bright Ideas Award
  • Shortlisted for the NACUE Varsity pitch competition
  • Shortlisted fot Shell LIVEwire Grand Ideas Award

Business model

We design and develop all aspects of the product and associated software and services. Primarily we're selling the product through Kickstarter directly to our users (they may give the product as a gift so they might not be the end user). We then plan to sell our product via our own online store alongside other smart home products that improve the experience of using our product. We are also going to reach out to retail stores for them to stock and sell our product. 


Competitive advantage

In the short term our key differentiation is the unique design of the product.

Being the only multiple screen digital photo frame and having several unique software features. However these are easily replicated and serve only to differentiate us during the first year and through our Kickstarter campaign.

From there we want to move into a service model around photo management and backup.

As photo management is the most common problem people have with their photos. Offering a one stop solution for managing your photos, keeping them safe and pushing them to the social networks you care about. This would allow us to offer premium subscription features and create high costs of switching. It would also allow us to integrate this service with our frames and companions apps. Pushing photos down to various devices from a central location.

Our other strategy is to explore an open hardware model.

This is where you let other people design on top of your existing technology. Using new materials for the frames or combining the screens in different ways. It allows other manufacturers, studios and high street framers to create new digital photo frames without having to know anything about electronics or software development. For us this increases the choice for consumers whilst having them still using our technology.

Our overall vision is to be one of the biggest companies selling and designing smart home products and services.

We think photos are a great way to enter this as our memories are so important to us.