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Company description

At the essence of Nimses lies a tiny concept. One minute of human life. A nim.


We created a blockchain mechanism that turns every minute of every user’s life into a nim. In other words, every Nimses user emits nims. What now?


Now we have cities full of people who produce nims — most have no clue what to do with them. Everyone emits nims: some figure out how to multiply them faster, some don’t, some reach higher statuses, some don’t. Turned out that what we created was a foundation for a whole new scope of socio-economic dynamics.


Nimses does look like a social media platform, but it’s always been a social game. The product was in development for 2 years before the launch in 2017. Since the said launch the app changed several times dramatically; our team is still perfecting it.


It’s great that we can finally share our product with everyone, and we welcome all feedback. We don’t know where Nimses ends up — but we’re thrilled to walk this road.

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