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The Nimble Company
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Company description

We are rolling out a dozen curated video channels for consumers who are interested in online video but don't have the time or interest to dig through increasingly congested sites like Think of us as a Stumbleupon for niche pop culture videos. Check out a sample at




Business model

We are developing a web-based video content management system that allow users to easily create video channels via a playlist of online videos from various sources, offering continuous playback in “embedded” players (full-screen too) with integrated e-commerce and advertising functionality. The technology addresses three needs:

1) consumers who are too busy to dig through massive video aggregator sites to find “gems” worth watching. Increasingly, sites like are being manipulated by hucksters who use techniques to boost the prominence of their uploads which turn out to advertisements or just plain junk. We also believe the viral novelty of “dogs riding bicycles” is wearing off. As aggregator sites grow, the signal-to-noise ratio worsens. Human-powered “hyperaggregation” is our solution to consumers who want online video without the aforementioned junk, very much like or but specifically digital video.

2) professional content providers like broadcasters, producers and video bloggers who need a lightweight, inexpensive way to compile, manage, broadcast and monetize their digital video libraries. While some video CMS solutions exist, they are costly and do not include e-commerce revenue generation tools. Our strategy combines video playlists with affiliate inventory data feeds from vendors like Amazon,  automating the pairing of video content with available e-commerce inventory and purchasing functionality . We describe this model as “MTV meets Home Shopping Channel.”  

3) for armchair curators (“truffle pigs”) who find great video content but currently don’t have the means to compile, showcase and monetize their discoveries through their own branded video channels without incurring costly bandwidth/hosting bills. Like the social bookmarking nature of or, viral video curation is a skill that should be rewarded through exposure and compensation. 


As such our revenue will be generated by:

  • advertising and e-commerce on our niche video channels

  • white label and enterprise sales to businesses and organizations with a need to cost-effectively manage, publish and monetize their video inventory 
Competitive advantage

While we are a small but "nimble" 3-person company, our corporate DNA is steeped in a unique combination of traditional and new media. In our previous incarnation, we are the creative nucleus behind the pioneering cross-platform TV series ZeD (nominated for both Emmy and Webby Awards, multiple Gemini & Leo winner). As video grows online, expertise in television broadcasting coupled with smart use of "web 2.0" technology translates into a capital-efficient media business able to "punch above our weight."


Having established proof of concept with our artist-driven social network, RapSpace.TV, our next phase is to combine UGC with professional broadcasting/curating skills to create the next generation of "television" over IP. We are geeks who know television and vice versa. :-)