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Founded in: 2009
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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States United States
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NLV Media, LLC and Global.TV, a division of InMotion, Inc Network have recently joined forces, and are very proud to announce the 1st Annual GLOBAL.TV Internet EXPO!

"The Global.TV EXPO is a global annual gathering of media consultants and advisers, Internet sales and marketing specialists, domain name investors, consultants, and developers all focused on the media re-invention. Global.TV Expo will attract some of the brightest minds in the space while continuing to bridge the disconnect between Virtual property and mainstream media/corporate America. Global.TV will continue to house celebrity guest speakers, innovative and emerging technologies leaders, successful Web 2.0 companies as well as private and public investors from around the globe."

GLOBAL.TV: The team behind the GLOBAL.TV network consists of long-time industry experts, cutting-edge development and design firms and some of the brightest players in the field. More information is available at:   

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, LLC was founded after many years of Internet research and investment. We are a new media consulting and publishing company that specializes in digital asset management and Internet marketing., LLC wants to send a special thanks to Vator.TV for such a valuable and unique platform!


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    Niko Younts | Team member
     Niko Younts - Entrepreneur, Internet Media Consultant, Digital Asset Management Specialist, Sales and Marketing Architect. Niko has been working in the Internet space for more than six years executing roles as Private Media Consultant, Regi...
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