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Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

Night Tap is a media and social commerce site focused exclusively on nightlife.  We are the nightlife experts.

We improve the social nightlife experience by giving nightlife enthusiasts, and the venues that serve them, an opportunity to connect through our platform.  We provide our members with deals, content and events to catapult their nightlife experience at a discount through a resonating lifestyle brand.  We deliver highly targeted customers to nightlife vendors, increasing vendors’ exposure and sales.  

Our deals can be found here:

And our content here:

Business model

Groupon meets Thrillist

Competitive advantage

We are the only media and social commerce platform to focus exclusively on nightlife. 

Night Tap fills a void not currently met by our competitors.  There are deal sites focused exclusively on nightlife, media sites that sell deals that sometimes touch on nightlife, and general deal sites…but there is not one single resource focused exclusively on nightlife deals and content. We will fill that role, serving as the nightlife expert in the market.